How To Have Better Days And A Happier Life !


 Jacquie Forde and Billy Mann Invite YOU 

To Join Them For This Special One Day Workshop In Central Dublin from 10 am - 5pm


Our lives are meant to be lived with joy, clarity and love,yet as human beings we often get caught up in worry, anxiety and stress due to the busyness and circumstances of our lives. Unfortunately this can have a terrible impact on our health,our relationships and our personal lives.  

It doesn't have to be that way. 

We are all born with a sense of our true nature which is full of peace, clarity and wisdom and we simply get caught up and derailed by our own moment to moment thinking. I share a profound yet simple understanding which is full of common sense that helps people see how life really works and what it is to be human. Knowing this simple understanding really shifts your experience of life. You become more peaceful,understanding,habits drop away and as you reconnect to your true nature you become more resilient and have the ability to weather any storm.

If you are, or know someone who is, sad,upset,depressed ,worried about relationships or just feeling lost and confused then please come and please bring them along to this workshop. Every human being works from the same operating system using the gifts of mind, thought and conciousness to create our moment to moment experience of life and knowing this at a visceral level really ransorms lives.

We are all looking for the feeling of a nicer life and this can be found by understanding how our human operating actually works.It's simple, practical and sustainable. Come along and listen to stories of beautifully simple transformation and find out how to feel less stressed, overwhelmed and happier in life and at work.

What we teach shows you where all of your feelings actually come from.

Come join Billy and I and see this for yourself and enjoy a day full of fun, light-heartedness and wonder as we take a journey into the source of our wellbeing.

This workshop is for people new to The Principles but also for those wanting to deepen their understanding.

We are also organising a group dinner on the Sunday evenng after the training so if you want to join us please email jacquie at to confirm your space. love, Jacquie and Billy x

This Workshop Takes Place on Sunday October 22nd 2017 (10 am - 5pm)


About Jacquie Forde

Jacquie Forde, RGN, RM is an International Speaker, Business Consultant and Life Coach who works with organizations and individuals all over the world via in person and online Business Programs, Individual Coaching, Workshops and Retreats. She devotes most of her coaching practice to helping people understand the psycho-spiritual principles behind the human experience helping them gain greater clarity and success in life and business. Jacquie’s work is guided by The Three Principles, a new paradigm in Psychology.  

She is the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit Principles-based Campaigning and Wellbeing Consultancy. When she is not creating projects, campaigning for social justice or helping people understand the human experience Jacquie loves to mentor people to deepen their understanding of the Three Principles. She really enjoys guiding people lost in the midst of parenthood, the glass ceiling and the corporate sticky floor to get clear about living an abundant, joyful life with clarity and purpose.

Jacquie shares this understanding every day with simplicity, love, a whole lot of humour and a wee dash of sass.

About Billy Mann

Billy Mann now coaches people back to life.  

Since Billy came across the Principles 5 years ago, he has been exploring the true nature of our Human Experience. His work with his clients is all based around the 3Principles and guiding them back to their own innate sense of well-being.  

"I love the simplicity of this Understanding. When we realise deeply that it always only works one way, life gets simple very quickly. Being happy in my day is no longer a far away dream but is the real and meaningful way I experience my days now."  

Billy shares this Understanding with his clients everyday. He keeps it real simple

How To Have Better Days And A Happier Life!

What People Say About Jacquie Forde

“Jacquie Forde is the quintessential woman–profound and practical. She shares her wisdom about the Principles underlying the human experience with simplicity, integrity, and in a way that resonates with peoples’ innate intelligence. In this way, she takes them on an inner journey where they tap into their own understanding of who and what they are at their core. This is the heart of the Three Principles message.”  

Elsie Spittle Author, International Speaker and Trainer  

(Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for almost four decades. She is one of the few people who knew Sydney Banks, originator of the Three Principles, before he had his profound insight, and who stuck by him, despite her own early strong resistance.)

“What a rollercoaster! But most of all, I need to say thank you so much for all your help Jacquie. Whichever way I look at it, it’s fair to say I would not be where I am today without you. A million thank you’s,”  

Colin Steele Professional Jazz Musician

Jacquie is a woman without limits! I can’t help but smile as she talks about all the things she is doing to help get the word out about the 3 Principles. You can see how deep her understanding is by the impact she is having both with individuals and with larger political systems. Her feeling is so beautiful and it flows from her like a river!”  

Chris Heath Three Principles Teacher | Executive Director Hawaii Counseling &Education Center, Hawaiian Islands Mental Health Care

“Jacquie Forde is an amazing 3 Principles facilitator. She has the ability to deeply connect and touch the heart of any person, and have a profound impact simply by her way of being. Love and understanding is the most powerful ingredient for any coach or person of influence, and to me Jacquie is the true image of both. Words alone cannot describe how strongly I recommend her as a teacher or coach.”  

Kjetil Haugmo Author and Public speaker

What People Say About Billy Mann

Billy Mann is a fantastic coach and facilitator. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to make a meaningful change in their life Ankush Jain - Life Coach, Trainer and Speaker

If you’ve not met Billy Mann you are in for a treat. He’s a man you feel comfortable with in just minutes. Like an old friend you haven’t seen for years, you’ll be enjoying his company right from the off…and if you haven’t heard his story, of how life changed for him, then its going to be a double treat. I always get a sense that Billy knows something, I mean really knows, and thats a precious gift he has, to share with us all.  

Julian Freeman,

Where to begin. My life was a mess till I meet Billy. He inspired me so much and turned my life around. His words and chats changed me for who I am now. I'm a better person happy in my self and my way of thinking and doing things now. I can stand up for myself and I approach life so differently. I used always be thinking the worse approaching life,so wrong I know. Now I think before I do or say things I'm more happy now from the inside out. He is truly an amazing person. I can fully say he changed my life for the better I never could say or talk to anyone like I done with Billy. He listened whatever the problem was and help me shift it. Thanks Billy. K

The Venue:

Drury Court Hotel

28-30 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2 

D02 XY61

T: +353 (0) 1 475 1988

0044 7717 582980