"The Missing Link"- A New Online Course:

Discover and Deepen Your Understanding of The Three Principles Facilitated by Jacquie Forde 

Four years ago I started an online discussion group called "The Missing Link Book Club" to help people like me who were interested in knowing more about The Three Principles take the time and space to read, learn, listen,share and deepen their understanding of these incredibly powerful spiritual facts that apply to every sentient being in every walk of life. 

I wanted to share this book simply and lightheartedly in exactly the same way the book taught me ...... 

I could never have foreseen how transformational these book club meetings would be over the years both for my students and myself, creating community, new friendships and a much deeper understanding of The Principles. So, if you are interested in learning more about The Three Principles and doing so in a small group setting that uses audios, animations, powerful reflective lessons and live question and answer sessions then join me in 2019 and become a member of the Missing Link Book Club and meet our Alumni. 

The 2019 online course is specifically designed to help you understand the Three Principles simply and easily so that you begin to understand more impactfully the spiritual essence of this transformational understanding that you can then share with others simply and easily too.

All sessions are recorded and remain available for you to watch and download if you cant make any of the sessions.

Registration Closes on April 29th 2019

Cost: £297 

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What Others Enjoyed About The Missing Link Book Club.......

Take A 14 Week Deep Dive Into The Magic of The Three Principles

You will receive Audios,Animations, Our own Private Facebook Group for comment and facilitation,Powerful Transformational Lessons directly into your mailbox PLUS Live Q&A Sessions each week for The Duration of Our Time Together.

Cost: £297  

All Meetings are Recorded and Downloadable.