Women In Mind:

Women In Mind : An Intimate Group Coaching Programme For Women Only

Get Mentally Organised for The Holiday Season and Spring Yourself Into 2019 feeling READY to be YOU !!! 

Whether you are a mom, a carer, a business woman, a female entrepreneur, a student or a graduate looking for your first job I bet as a woman, you have probably spent way, way too much time in your life surrounded by self help books ,lost in thought, analysing,thinking,worrying,seeking approval and feeling overwhelmed by life, perhaps searching for truth and wanting to understand yourself and others more clearly to feel happier, be successful and more settled in life. 

This online group coaching programme is designed for women only and will create a safe, fun and supportive forum for us all to learn new ways of being able to cope with everything that life throws at us. 

There is so much power in women coming together to share, heal, support, teach and love one another and over the last 10 years I have led women only retreats and workshops all over the world that have blown my mind in their ability to deepen our collective understanding of life.

I love facilitating my online and in person women only groups with sass, humour, a deep feeling and a wise heart and I want to share that feeling and wisdom with you.

This programme is designed to awaken you to a new way of understanding how your mind works and deepen that understanding significantly so that you can begin to really uncover the stories and unconscious programmes that hold you back in life from acheiving what it is you want to acheive in the world and live your best life. Understanding what I will share with you is a total psychological game-changer.

Please join me for a wonderful conversation to uncover and significantly deepen your understanding of a practical common sense that enables us to gently transcend our everyday experience and live successful,calmer and gentler lives and learn how to share this with others.

Only 5 Places Remaining

We begin on November 14th 2018  

Being Part of this Group Coaching Programme Includes: 6 Weekly Video Lessons,Live Q&A webinars, a private facebook group, audios and further resources plus a ONE to ONE Conversation with Jacquie Forde  

Here are some topics we will be exploring together.......


Just This

In this session we will be discussing how every experience you are having always boils down to this present moment. We will play with our words and notice our feelings and you will learn new ways to bring yourself and your clients, family and colleagues back to a place where peace of mind and clarity reside. We will discuss the role of the ego in the spiritual nature of life as spectators and participants and settle more deeply into an understanding known as The Three Principles. We will also explore other spiritual teachings that point us back to "Just This"


Honouring The Truth In Our Hearts 

Who are you really without your stories, conditioning and your relationships? In this class we will explore who we are as women, what drives us and how we can best leverage our day to day experience in life. We will honour the truth in all of our hearts by highlighting and exploring what it means to be a woman in this day and age whilst honouring each others experience. This lesson is designed to take you more deeply into your spiritual nature and essence. 


The Journey Home

Being kind to ourselves. As women we experience many different phases and experiences in our lives that change our physical bodies, put demands on our mental health and wellbeing and can often leave us with little time to rest and nurture ourselves. This class is designed to point you more deeply towards your innate mental health and wellbeing so that you can weather any storm with grace.We will look at beliefs, values and how to bounce back and forth on the bumpy road of life with sass, humour and a much deeper understanding of our feminine essence and power.


Waking From Sleep

We will discuss how and why consciousness awakening happens and the power of the Three Principles Understanding in helping us get there. We will have in-depth sessions on how to raise your consciousness from the inside out through the sharing of powerful metaphors and stories designed to make the invisible thinking you may have about certain areas of your life visible so that you can waken from sleep and transform your life. 


The Power of Presence and Living Truth  

In these classes we will explore the power of presence and discover how we can live our truth in our daily lives. How we can transcend our personal thinking to live a gentler life but still get stuff done. We will also participate in group questions and answer sessions on what we have learned to date and have yet to learn together to make sure everyone feels they have learned and uncovered something new.

All lessons will be recorded 

For WOMEN Only

Please Join Me Soon

As There are limited places available . 

Cost :£299

Includes 6 Weekly Lessons,Live webinars, facebook group, audios and further resources plus a One to One Conversation with Jacquie

Jacquie Forde

Jacquie Forde is an Internationally recognised Three Principles Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Speaker. 

Jacquie is a gifted teacher, coach and intuitive, she has always known there was more to life than she could see, understand or touch. With professional qualifications in Nursing, Midwifery, Shamanic Healing, NLP, Hypnosis ,The Three Principles and Three Decades spent in corporate UK in blue chip organizations working in sales, marketing, business development and government affairs, Jacquie readily admits that she was always more interested in the transformative power of the spiritual nature of life and left the nine to five behind to create her own successful business over 7 years ago.  

Jacquie brings a spirited personality and vivacious, humorous attitude to her work as a coach and mentor who regularly works with politicians, organisational leaders, entrepreneurs, disadvantaged communities, fellow coaches and women of all ages who want to discover clarity in their careers, the secret to success,improve their resilience, intuition, power and capabilities to live their best lives.  

Her work delivers conscious expansion and peace of mind to clients in all walks of life.

With a thriving physical practice located in Scotland and a global online practice Jacquie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and allowing her clients the space to embrace their own innate wisdom to tap into their highest potential.  

You can subscribe to her blog and her podcast , “The Unashamedly Human Podcast Series” and contact Jacquie at http://www.jacquieforde.com and follow her on Twitter Instagram and Facebook to find out more about future events, courses and opportunities to work closely with her.